Fluoride has been shown to reduce the prevalence and severity of dental decay. Both within the United States and other countries. Fluoride is an easy and quick way to strengthen the enamel in teeth.  The benefits of topical fluoride include prevention of demineralization, re-mineralization of early decay, and decrease in enamel solubility. We offer fluoride treatment for both adults and children.  For adults, fluoride is very beneficial for the longevity of existing dental work and in fighting the effects of acid erosion from acid reflux, coffee, wine, etc. We apply fluoride in the form of a varnish. The varnish contains 5% Sodium Fluoride. The advantages to a fluoride varnish are that it is an easy delivery system that is transparent in color, it comes in several flavors, and contains no saccharin, aspartame or gluten. After application, the patient is free to eat and drink, the only item to avoid is hot beverages for 6 hours.