Periodontal Cleanings

Periodontal (gum & bone) disease is an infection that has the potential to lead to tooth loss. Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and bone supporting the teeth. It begins when the bacteria in plaque causes the gums to become inflamed (gingivitis).  Toxins produced by the bacteria in plaque cause inflammation in the gums that stimulate a chronic inflammatory response in which the body attacks itself and begins to break down the tissues and bone that support the teeth.  The gums begin to separate from the teeth, forming pockets.  As the disease progresses, the pockets deepen and more gum tissue and bone are destroyed allowing the teeth to become mobile or loose.Periodontal treatment is patient specific and may range from frequent deep cleanings in the office to a referral to a Periodontist (specialist) for surgical procedures. Treatment options are discussed with the patient in order to meet their specific needs. Regardless of the treatment, due to the chronic nature of the disease, we recommend in-office maintenance at more frequent intervals for all patients who have undergone periodontal treatment.