When you first arrive and meet our staff, you’ll fill out your new patient paperwork. This helps our team get to know you better. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to complete your paperwork. Or, you can get a head start by filling out your patient forms now. Download New Patient Forms.

New patients often ask if they can have their teeth cleaned during their first visit. Your dental treatments usually begin with a follow-up visit, often scheduled as soon as the next day. We need to see you first for a comprehensive exam and then schedule adequate time with your hygienist.

At the first visit a full mouth series of x-ray films will be taken. These images include periapical films, which show the tips of all the tooth roots, and bite wing films, which show the area between the teeth where teeth contact. The full mouth series allows the dentist to diagnose any abscesses or infections in the bone around the tooth roots, and to diagnose any decay present between the teeth which may not be visible upon clinical exam. In certain cases a Panoramic x-ray film will be taken, which shows the entire jaw bone and all the teeth. Panoramic films are helpful in diagnosing wisdom tooth position and abnormalities or tumors in the jaw bone.

Once the necessary x-ray films have been taken, the doctor will review your medical history, dental history, and your primary goals. This is the time where you as the patient can express any concerns or desires regarding your dental care. This meeting will include a clinical exam by the doctor and discussion of your x-ray films and intraoral pictures, which will be displayed on the television in the operatory room.

After the doctor presents her dental findings, you will be provided with a customized treatment plan formulated for your unique situation. This individualized plan will include the recommended treatment in the suggested sequence order, along with an estimate of your financial responsibility for the treatment.