3 Reasons to Replace That Lost Permanent Tooth With An Implant

A lost permanent tooth can have a big impact on your mouth. One missing tooth can affect everything from your appearance to how you eat meals.

As your dentist in Alabaster, AL, we strongly recommend that patients who have lost a permanent tooth consider implants or another form of tooth replacement. In case you’re unsure whether implants are right for you, we’ve listed three great reasons to consider replacing a lost permanent tooth with a dental implant.

1. Gaps Between Teeth Can Lead to Tooth Misalignment

One thing that keeps most teeth in place is other nearby teeth. When one tooth goes missing, adjacent teeth may shift slightly to fill in the gap. This can lead to problems like tooth and jaw misalignment. Filling in the gap between your teeth with an implant can prevent this from happening.

2. A Missing Tooth Makes Meals Difficult

We need all of our teeth to chew our food properly. A missing permanent tooth can make chewing more difficult and even leave you feeling like you can’t eat some of your favorite foods. Luckily, implants can chew food just like natural teeth, so when you get your implants, you should be able to enjoy all your favorite foods again.

3. You’ll Feel Better When You Smile

A gap between teeth can make some people embarrassed or afraid to smile. You don’t have to feel that way! Installing dental implants in Alabaster, AL, can make your smile whole again. No one will be able to tell that you have implants because they’ll look just like your natural teeth.

Interested in dental implants? Call the professionals at Albritton and Ardovino Family Dentistry to make an appointment.

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