3 Symptoms of TMJ  

Temporomandibular (TMJ) is the joint in the body that hinges on the skull and the jawbone. There are two joints on either side of the jaw, and they play an important role in how you speak, chew, yawn, etc. If the joints aren’t functioning properly, you can experience a range of symptoms. We’ll look at the signs of TMJ disorder in Alabaster, AL.

Tender or Painful Jaw

Because the joint regulates much of the movement of your jaw, you may experience pain or tenderness whenever you need to move your mouth. TM will sometimes resolve itself if it’s mild enough, but not always. It’s important not to dismiss even mild discomfort, as it may be the first thing that you feel before the condition worsens.

Ear Aches

We don’t always think of ear aches as a problem with the jaw, but the pain from either area can easily extend up or down. The movement of the joint that slides when you open your mouth is aided by the cartilage as well as a shock-absorbing disk. If the disk is damaged or if it erodes, it can manifest in an ear ache.

Locked Jaws

If you can’t open and close your mouth on command, you have what’s known as a locked jaw. If the joint slides out of place, you may have this common sign of TMJ.

Find a Dentist in Alabaster

You don’t necessarily need to be worried about TMJ, as it’s typically not a serious condition. However, it can be uncomfortable, particularly if you have trouble with everyday activities like eating and talking. At Albritton and Ardivino, you’ll find dentists in Alabaster, AL that can help you both diagnose TMJ and manage it. Contact us today to learn more about the best treatments for you.



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