Show Your Best Smile with Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings in Alabaster AL are popular among patients for a good reason. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, this type of filling contains no mercury and blends in with the natural shade of your teeth. Before you have a cavity filled, Dr. Kelli Albritton or Dr. Ann Ardovino show you a color chart of different shades of teeth. You can let your dentist know which shade you prefer your new filling to be.

Other Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Also known as composite fillings or white fillings, tooth-colored fillings last an average of seven years before you need to consider replacing them. They are incredibly durable and don’t fracture easily. Typically, you only need to come in for one appointment at Albritton & Ardovino to receive a composite filling. Any sensitivity you feel after the procedure should disappear within a few hours.

What to Expect When Having a Cavity Filled

The process of receiving a tooth-colored filling is the same as it is for any other type of filling. First, you receive a numbing agent delivered through a quick shot in your gums. Next, Dr. Albritton or Dr. Ardovino uses a dental drill to remove the decayed portion of your tooth. Your dentist then fills in the hole left by the decay with white filling material. Dr. Albritton or Dr. Ardovino, test your bite to make sure the filling material isn’t too bulky before sending you home.

Are You Concerned About a Possible Cavity?

Persistent throbbing tooth pain and sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods and drinks are common indications that you could have tooth decay. We encourage you to contact our dental practice to see if you need tooth-colored fillings in Alabaster, AL. There isn’t any need to suffer when relief is just a phone call away.