Have You Heard About ICON® White Spot Treatment?

White spots on your teeth can seriously affect the way you feel about your smile. Fortunately, the dental experts at Albritton & Ardovino Family Dentistry have solutions. If you’re troubled with white spots in the central Alabama area, your family dentist in Alabaster can tell you more about ICON® White Spot Treatment.

What Are White Spots?

White spots are actually small lesions that occur on your teeth. They’re actually early signs of decay, and they can be caused by different variables:

  • Fluorisis — too much fluoride. If you regularly swallow toothpaste, take fluoride supplements, or drink fluoridated water, you may develop fluorosis.
  • Enamel Hypoplasia — thinner than normal enamel. This condition may be caused by genetics, dental trauma, vitamin deficiency, and more.
  • Demineralization — caused by accumulation of plaque. Dental appliances or poor oral hygiene may contribute to demineralization.

If you notice white spots forming on your teeth, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your dentist for a consultation.

What Is ICON® White Spot Treatment?

ICON White Spot Treatment is an easy solution to unsightly white spots. Through a short series of treatments, your dentist can make white spots much less noticeable. That makes this treatment ideal for special occasions such as weddings.

ICON White Spot Treatment requires no anesthesia or drilling. Instead, your dentist gently paints an etching gel onto your affected tooth. Afterward, they apply liquid resin, or ICON, to the area. This resin infiltrates and fills the lesions. The ICON resin reflects light in the same way your natural tooth enamel reflects light. This minimizes the appearance of white spots.

Where to Find ICON® White Spot Treatment in Alabaster, AL

For ICON white spot treatment in Alabaster, AL, schedule an appointment today with Albritton & Ardovino Family Dentistry. We’re happy to sit down with you to discuss the many advantages of this revolutionary new treatment for unsightly white spots.