What are Implant Overdentures?

Replacing missing teeth can be a complicated and vulnerable process. Without good teeth in place, your oral health deteriorates quickly and makes living life that much more difficult. Furthermore, losing your teeth exposes your gums, jaw, and bones to further damage over time, which can age you and your face. A&A Family Dental of Alabaster, AL provides Implant overdentures, which may be a more effective solution for your long-term health.

Implant overdentures are a much more stable version of traditional dentures. While dentures must be put in place and removed at certain periods of the day to limit safety risk and infection, overdentures are stabilized on your jaw and do not need to be removed.

Why are Implant Overdentures Needed?

There are many reasons why implant overdentures may be a more effective solution for your particular situation. Conventional methods may be more expensive, or not work at all. If you are looking to replace a set of missing teeth, below are three main reasons why overdentures may be right for you.


Implant overdentures are much more stable than regular dentures as they are fixed to your mouth. Once they are fixed in place, they can only be removed when needed by a medical professional.

Bone Loss Prevention

Your jawbone is supported by the implant, shaping your face properly and giving you a better quality of life for simple actions such as eating, talking, and yawning.

Permanent Solution

Implant overdentures are usually made of titanium, which can last a lifetime if proper oral hygiene is respected and observed. Not only is this beneficial to your health, but it gives you the confidence to smile throughout the day.

Your Local Family Dental Office

During your appointment with A&A Family Dental, you will receive the proper recommendations necessary that are customized to your questions and concerns.


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